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New Website Mobile Friendliness and Speed Test by Google

Google introduced a new test that is gives you a free, quick grade on the mobile friendliness of your website and also the speed of your site on mobile and desktop devices.  People are 5 Times More Likely To Leave a Site if it Isn't Mobile Friendly (Google, 2106).   So if your site isn't mobile friendly, you are not only losing organic rank but you're losing a lot of visitors.

Big Step is offering a special on solving these issues for you, whether it is a new mobile-friendly site or improvements to your existing Wordpress, Joomla or CMS websites.  Save $250 on services over $750 now through July 31st 2016.

Step 1:  Take the Test Here

Step 2:  When the test is complete, email us the results at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.by clicking icon in the lower right of the results page.  Be sure to include your contact information in the email.

Mobile Website Speed Testing Tool Google 2016 06 28 17.22.11

Call Steve at 636-733-0041 if you would like a consultation on your website.  Thanks for visiting!



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Considering Outsourcing Internet Marketing Services? Learn about the 3 T's.

Considering Outsourcing Internet Marketing Services?

What to look for in an outsourced internet marketing partner for your small business.

If you're thinking about outsourcing your internet marketing but don't know the first thing about it, consider the following factors before you hire someone.

Are they Trustworthy, and are their results Transparent and Trackable (we'll call it the 3 T's).


The internet marketing industry is flooded with people offering ridiculous deals to handle your SEO and Social Media Marketing.  Most of us get 10 emails a day for "$99 SEO" or "SEO services from India, 1st page on Google?"  And that's just from my inbox today. Having worked in this industry for long enough, I have contacted these people to investigate what they are doing.  What I've found is a lot of dated practices, and in this industry, dated is not good.  The perception is that these services are cheap, and any knowledge of how a website works leads to knowledge of how to get business from the internet. 

The fact is that virtually none of these companies and virtually no web designers are marketers.  They won't take the time to understand the benefits of your business and develop strategies to take on your market.  Web development modifications have a big place in SEO and internet marketing but it's just the start.  Don't expect results from someone that doesn't take the time to understand your business and how to market your company.

To develop a trusting relationship with an internet marketing contractor, you have to find someone that cares about your success and is asking the right questions about your business.  The goal is to develop the right on-line strategy.

Trusting your agency also comes from their ability to offer transparency in their actions.  At Big Step, we maintain a client platform and send monthly reports so that clients can have 24/7 access to all facets of internet marketing reports, rankings, analytics, social, paid advertising and monthly tasks. 


Offering a transparent platform leads to trackability, but more importantly, is your internet marketer focused on your results or just rankings?  There are many lead tracking platforms available that track phone calls, contact/quote form submissions and chats.  This is included in monthly programs at Big Step Marketing and should be a part of any program to help understand what is working and improve your marketing efforts.

The internet marketing process involves many stages: Strategy, Web Development and Design, Internet Marketing Mix (SEO, PPC, Social), Conversion Testing, and Analytics. 

When you find a partner that you can Trust that offers Transparent, Trackable results for your business, you are probably in the right place. 

If you would like more information, call Steve Davey Big Step Marketing at 636.733-0041.

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Content Marketing on a Small Budget

Many small businesses think of content marketing as something for the big-budgeted, larger companies that have more resources.

Today, some sort of content marketing program needs to be in the mix for every company.  However small the budget or the willingness to share information about your business is, it's important to find a strategy that works for your company in your market.

A content marketing program demonstrates that you are a lively, trustworthy company to people online and to the search engines alike.  Blogs and social posts don't need to lengthy either.  In fact, for service-orientated companies, they should be concise and stick to your overall marketing strategy.

That strategy should be centered around demonstrating the solutions to the core problem your service provides to your prospective customers.   For example, if your company has been around longer than your competitors and has a good reputation of service, a blog can be as simple as a series of on-going testimonials and case studies. 

Content Marketing doesn't need to be painful and expensive, but it does need to be in every company's marketing mix that wants to succeed online.  

Contact us at Big Step Marketing if you need help with strategy development and implementation of your internet marketing at 636.733.0041. 

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Internet Marketing Network Comparisons for Medical Research Recruitment.

On-line marketing is often a challenge for Medical Research Marketing Directors looking to expand the reach of their center and produce study participants from the internet.  There are many choices available and many variables. 

Here's a quick chart to explore the advantages, disadvantages and estimated costs of several paid networks and how they relate to obtaining organic search engine ranking for your website.

internet marketing options

View As A .PDF

Organic SEO Rank

Optimizing your website so it ranks well on broad based keywords like "volunteering for research" and "paid research" will pay long-term dividends in producing a flow of potential study participants because of it's staying power.  Further optimization on keyword related to your practice helps craft your Research Center and it's Doctors as experts in the field when you rank well.  The amount of time to achieve good ranking varies depending on the strategy, your competition on those keywords, and the state of your website.

Search Advertising

The most targeted is paid search advertising (Google Adwords and Bing/Yahoo Ads) but you can't always be certain of the amount of people showing interest in your specific study medical condition in any given period.  Some degree of more broad search intent should be considered when you create a campaign to help create.  As important as the development of the campaign, keywords and ads are to the success of your campaign, the landing page you send them to is equally as important.  Even small campaigns of just a few hundred dollars make sense to compliment your efforts but it may cost significantly more to see real results. 

Display Advertising

Think of display advertising as casting a broader net as it's often used more for branding purposes but you still have the ability to run graphical ads on select sites by keyword webmd.com.

Facebook Advertising

thumbnailfacebookFacebook's interest data is suspect when you attempt to create targeted programs, but Facebook does offer some intriguing options for Medical Research Centers like the ability to boost your study related posts to a much greater audience in your geographic region.  Advertising to friends of your facebook fans also brings a "forced referral" option that can be helpful.  Facebook's popularity can lead to good sharing support of your study opportunities.

The best option is generally a strategic mix of different internet network options to diversify and maximize your budget.

For questions, call Steve Davey at Big Step Marketing at 636.733.0041.

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Hyper Local Internet Marketing for Your Small Business

Are you a Small Business Owner trying to figure out why your internet marketing isn't producing for your marketing budget? 

It might be a simple case that your budget is spread too thin.  If you have a competitive product or service and you are investing a small ad budget each month (under $2,000 for instance).  There's a good chance you are spreading your budget across too large of an area and into too few internet platforms to make a difference. 

Consider a strategy of getting "hyper local" and place your monthly budget into rotating geographic zones across multiple platforms.  If you have a product or service that has mass appeal, you will benefit from the increased impressions and branding of using a hyper local strategy.  If your product or service has more of a niche audience, you can take the same approach if you understand where geographic pockets of your clients reside and work.

The benefits of a hyper local internet marketing approach include:

1) the ability to be more of a large fish in a smaller pond (if even for a short period of time) gives you more impressions.

2) the possibility of a more condensed area of projects if you are in a service industry leading to less drive time.

3) the ability to run more targeted ads and focus on more targeted keywords for those areas may lead to more conversions.

4) there may be added SEO benefits.

The detriments are that:

1) it takes more marketing effort and knowledge of different options.

2) it may take some time to determine what budget will get you the impressions, visitors and conversions you are looking for.

In addition, there may be other direct marketing options like Every Door Direct Mailings (EDDM) that you can use to compliment this strategy and further increase your impressions and branding in targeted areas.

For assistance or a free consultation, call Steve at Big Step Marketing at 636.733.0041.  Learn more about our local SEO programs at http://www.bigstepmarketing.com/digital-marketing/local-seo.


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